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From Factory to Front Door, Thank You


As we all know, the past couple of years have definitely been less than “normal” and in fact we are still waiting to see if we are now in the new normal or if that is yet to come. But one thing is for sure, with so much disruption, restrictions in the forms of lockdowns, changes to trading legislation and availability of materials (and personnel!), along with increased risks and pressure put on organisations, their supply chains, and production, sales and delivery teams, we’ve never been made more aware as a nation of the many essential people we rely on to get through a typical day.

Back in 2020 checkout operators, sales staff and delivery drivers were justifiably applauded for their work and their role in keeping us fed and well supplied with essential goods.

But we also know there is a whole army of people who worked and continue to work behind the scenes in roles we don’t see, those in factories, stores, warehouses and contact centres, as well as out on the roads in trucks and vans or riding delivery bikes through our neighbourhoods.

And as we did at the start of the pandemic, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those workers and the crucial part they play in keeping everything running, and to say thank you, we continue to appreciate all that you do.

So from all of us at Escape, thank you. 

Thank you to the buyers, the planners, the schedulers; to those who ensure everything is in place to make things happen.

Thank you to the operators who work those complex machines and to the maintenance, health, safety and quality teams who keep everything functional and safe.

Thank you to everyone picking and packing, lifting and moving, storing and sending.

Thank you to those of you at the end of the phone or behind the website, to the supply chain and logistics teams who continue to create new ways of working, and to the developers who have helped make working from home a viable long-term option for many.

Thank you to the delivery drivers and service staff we see, and to the accountants, payrollers, HR staff, analysts, and everyone else that we don’t.

Without you all, things just wouldn’t work.

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