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Reasons we love engineers (part 2)


At Escape we work with engineers in a wide range of specialist disciplines and industry sectors.

We’re fascinated by what they do and how they do it.

So, to recognise the extraordinary contribution that they make, acknowledge their achievements and successes, and simply enjoy the wonderful and innovative approach they bring to solving problems and making things work, we celebrate the world of engineers and engineering by sharing just some of the reasons #weloveengineers.

Here is a collection of some of our favourites:

They are real life superheroesSuperheroes

Mechanical Engineer, James Hobson from Canada, who describes himself as a “Hacksmith”, became a real life Tony Stark when he built himself an Iron Man-style exoskeleton in his garage.

Want to see what he could lift with his new found super strength?

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They’ve created a black, blacker than the blackest blackVantaBlack

Did you know that the word record for creating the darkest man-man substance is held by engineers? And that they beat their own world record with an even blacker balck? A black so black that it becomes extremely difficult to even detect any surface features seeminly turning three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional.

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They throw the best Christmas partiesChristmas Party

Engineers at Dyson take their festive celebrations seriously….very seriously! With their annual Christmas party becoming a chance for everyone to show off their engineering skills as well as enjoying some festive competition with their colleagues.

But it's not all fun and games - one costume featuring mechanical wings, took 48 hours to make!

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