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Congratulations Alfie!


House Captain AlfieCongratulations Alfie!! Alfie is an honouree member of Team Escape. He's the son of our colleague, Lee-Ann and we've been enjoying his occasional visits to the office for a few years now. Over the years he picked his own desk, he's made everyone in the office drawings (until he got smart enough to work the photocopier then just did one and let technology do the rest!) and he's always introduced himself to new members of the team and often asked how he can help us.

This year he was voted House Captain at his school. Something he has been aiming for and working hard to achieve since coming in as runner up last year. Here's what he had to say:

"This year I made my presentation better than last year, with more information and detail. Last year even though I wasn't vice-captain I tried my hardest to be nice and help everyone. 
My role as house captain is to attend meetings about how to improve the school and fundraising. I also must be helpful and polite."

We know from our own experience is going to make a GREAT house captain because being helpful, polite and coming up with good ideas is just who Alfie is.

From everyone at Escape, well done Alfie and here's to a great year for you!!

Posted by: Escape Recruitment Services