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Can't thank them enough

Escape Recruitment has been nothing but helpful to the business in recent months and we cannot thank them enough. After a short visit to our facility, the Escape team were able to take away a portfolio of office and shop floor core manufacturing positions we needed to fill urgently and delivered on their promise to get the right candidates in front of us within days.

I recognise that this quick turnaround of candidates who all matched my portfolio requests has helped the company continue operations and minimised the impact that would have been felt had we not used Escape.

In addition, I found the Escape teams honesty quite helpful and refreshing, not just with the financials, guidance on new market salary expectations and the types of candidates but also with discussions around the highly specialised roles we also have inside the business.

Due to the niche requirements and understanding needed to recruit for these roles, Escape happily took away our requirements and investigated; however, unlike others I’ve dealt with, instead of wasting time with false promises to be able to conduct recruitment activities for these niche roles, Escape were honest about what they could and could not fill. This in turn allowed me to focus my teams’ efforts on the right areas still open for recruitment and reduced the internal cost overall during this recruitment drive.

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Shuna Boyle

Principal Recruitment Consultant
Procurement & Supply Chain
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